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Ukrainian Hall closes doors

It all started when the small Ukrainian community in North Dryden continued to grow and by 1938 the community felt that they needed to have their own community hall.

Bethany Waite, Cultural & Tourism Coordinator Dryden & District Museum accepts a
cheque from the Dryden Ukrainian Literacy Society, Norm Balla, President, Lorraine
Wyder, Secretary. Judy Daren, Treasurer and Dennis Rathwell, Vice-President. Photos by Michael Christianson

The new hall was opened on Sunday, November 13, 1938. The Ukrainian hall continued to be the scene of many occasions that preserved, maintained and promoted the language, cultural activities and welfare of the Ukrainian people.

The Ukrainian hall has put on traditional Ukrainian suppers, dances, jam sessions, bake sales, sales of peogies and cabbage rolls, Easter egg classes, Ukrainian Festivals, ballroom dancing, Bingo, high school bursaries, and hall rentals for every kind of social function. We had a Ukrainian Choir, held Ukrainian classes and who could forget the Dryden Zirka Dancers.

Memories of the hall are on display inside a new cabinet at the Dryden Museum. Photos by Michael Christianson

Like any organization it seems like the same volunteers do all the work and unfortunately those same volunteers questioned the direction and purpose of their hard work. After sending out registered letters to all their members a decision was made to dissolve the society as new volunteers did not step forward.

It was with extreme sadness and mixed emotions that after almost 80 years of operation the Dryden Ukrainian Literary Society closed their doors on July 31, 2018 and the hall went up for sale. The Ukrainian Hall Executive, Chairs, and Members would like to thank all those volunteers and the community for the support they have given us and hope that we will forever be in their minds as a society that truly cared about the Ukrainian culture.

On behalf of everyone from the Dryden Ukrainian Literary Society we would like the Dryden Museum to know how much we appreciate them and how thankful we are to them for allowing us to preserve our history.

The Dryden Ukrainian Literary Society presented the Dryden & District Museum with a cheque in the amount of $3,000.00 to help them to continue to achieve excellence, accuracy and objectivity in portraying the local history of Dryden, as well as the histories of other cultures.





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