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Take a hike with Scouts

Scout’s Canada is looking to return to Dryden and at the end of last month the group hosted a hike within Laura Howe Marsh.

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The eager kids on the hike learned all about the life that exists within the marsh and the ways to identify different types of trees. It was a beautiful day to get closer to nature.

Sarah Couto brought her two boys for the hike and she was happy to have a different activity to enjoy with her kids. “It was a lot of fun, the kids enjoyed it, we learned some new things, I even learned some new things. It was a good activity,” said Couto.

“I’ve been waiting for a while to have this opportunity for my boys for sure, something a little different outside of the regular sports that we’ve seen, a lot of soccer, baseball, karate, this is something new, something different, a new opportunity for the kids.”

Once again scout representatives came from Winnipeg to help with the event and for this hike Erin Cannon came from Ignace. Cannon, originally from southern Ontario, was an Adventure Advisor for Scout’s and has been looking for a group to join since moving north, she made the drive to Dryden just for the hike.

“This was my first time seeing the marsh so I wasn’t sure what to expect, that’s why I got really excited about the deer because that’s a big deal from southern Ontario but that’s an every day thing here in Dryden.”

More information on the group can be found at Dryden Scouts on facebook.

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