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A new welcome to Dryden

The City of Dryden has brand new signs to greet visitors on both ends of the highway coming into town. The new signs are approximately 12 feet wide and 8 feet high.

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They are high-resolution LED signs that are capable of displaying ads and messaging in a rotating fashion similar to how slideshows are displayed.

“These signs are an important part of our community as they give Dryden a fresh new look on the highway,” said Economic Development Manager Tyler Peacock.

“With the amount of traffic that goes through our community, they also allow the city and its businesses, clubs and organizations an opportunity to advertise events, sales, promotions, and important information about Dryden.

“Additionally the signs can be used to display emergency information, road closures, forest fire risk information and much more. I am very pleased with how this project has come together. The support it has received within community has been wonderful and the staff at the City of Dryden are excited to use this new medium to share information.”

The city is currently looking for businesses and organizations to advertise on the new signs.

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