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Time for Tennis

With curling and other sports and activities returning to Dryden in recent years, one group is asking if it is time for tennis.

Humberto Pacheco during a presentation to the Dryden Rotary Club last week. Photo by Michael Christianson

Last week Humberto Pacheco gave a presentation to Rotary about the sport, filling in for Brian Eschbach.

“We’ve been trying to provide opportunities for all, kids and adults, to participate in tennis but our main goal right now is to fundraise and look for partners to fundraise to provide some tennis courts for the Dryden community,” said Pacheco.

He says that historically there have been talks over the last number of years to build tennis courts, particularity at Rotary Park near the current soccer complex.

Pacheno said that the group wants to know if the timing is right to make tennis a higher priority and they are looking to benefit from fundraising for new courts.

“We play at Milestone, there are currently lines and portable net and it’s better than nothing and we do have people that come out for tennis as well as pickleball but in terms of seriously growing the sport for kids, for adults, for visitors, we need to have real courts so we’re hoping that the time is right to continue those discussions,” said Pacheno.

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