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Mayoral race heating up as application deadline approaches

With the nomination process for the municipal elections in Dryden ending on Friday July 27, the race for mayor currently has two candidates.

Dryden Mayor Greg Wilson, File photo

Mayor Greg Wilson will seek a second term while city councilor and former mayor Roger Valley has also entered the race. Valley says the best job he ever had was being the mayor of Dryden and hopes to return to the chair that now exists in a much different climate than the last time he sat there.

“We were fortunate back in the 90s, we had resources and we were able to do a lot of things for Dryden,” said Valley. “The last few years Dryden has suffered under heavy debt loads, we’ve done our best to deal with that but we lack behind in infrastructure and everything else.

“The biggest and commonest complaint I hear on the streets is the roads, sidewalks, and the condition of our travelling infrastructure. So, people want something done about it and they see all the other communities accessing grants but Dryden is unable to because we don’t have our share; so we have to find a new way to plan some of these things.”

Valley said he wants to explore the 4% tax on municipal accommodations and made it clear that if the citizens want Dryden fixed up we’re all going to have to pay for it. Mayor Greg Wilson hopes to continue on the groove that he and council has laid to pay down debt and continue to seek funding for municipal projects from the provincial and federal levels.

“The reasons that make me want to run are, I feel that we’re on a good track, it’s not a particularly enjoyable track because we have been hamstrung,” said Wilson. “So not as many things that we can do as we’d like to do of course, and everybody knows that, but I think that the track we’re on is going to pay dividends down the road and in the mean time we are stretching our resources as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Wilson said the most important result from the election is a city council that can come together and work well together for the betterment of Dryden.

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