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Northwest Region Forest Fire Situation Update

There were five new fires in the Northwest Region by the afternoon of July 23.

  • Dryden Fire Number 24 is not under control at 0.5 hectares and is located near Basket Lake.

  • Red Lake Fire Number 130 is not under control at 0.5 hectares and is located two kilometres west of the Keeper River.
  • Fort Frances Fire Number 22 is not under control at 0.5 hectares and is located near Caliper Lake.
  • Red Lake Fire Number 131 is not under control at 0.5 hectares and is located near Wavell Lake. Red Lake Fire Number 132 is not under control at 0.3 hectares and is located near Needler Lake. There are 77 active fires in the region, 65 of which are either under observation, being held or under control.

Kenora 71 Update

The fire remains at 9,173 hectares. The fire received six millimetres of rain overnight which has reduced fire behaviour. Air quality is improving in the area around the fire. 140 fire fighters have been committed to this fire. The base camp at Minaki is operational to support operations on the fire. Heavy bucket helicopters continue supporting crews consolidating lines on the fire. Crews continue to maintain sprinkler systems on structures in the vicinity of the fire. Aerial ignition was used to bring portions of the fire to natural boundaries.

Smoke concerns in Wabaseemoong

Chief and Council of Wabaseemoong Independent Nation, also known as the community of Whitedog, made a decision to evacuate 70-80 vulnerable persons (children, elders and those with respiratory problems) due to air quality concerns as a result of smoke drift from Kenora Fire 71. The community members remain in Rat Portage First Nation and are expected to return to Wabaseemoong when air quality improves. Kenora Fire 71 is located approximately 23 kilometres north of the community and is not a direct threat to the community at this time. Those with urgent health concerns due to air quality can contact Tele-Health Ontario at 1-888-797- 0000.

Emergency Area Order for Kenora Fire 71

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is advising the public of an Emergency Area Order for the area around Kenora Fire 71 to ensure public safety. As a result the order restricts travel on Werner Lake Rd. as well as Crown land use and travel within the boundaries of the EAO.

Ontario Parks restricts access in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Several large fires in Woodland Caribou Park have necessitated some restrictions for back country travellers. Ontario Parks is restricting access to some canoe routes as well as access to a number of lakes. You can find more details here.

Fire hazard in the Northwest Region

The forest fire hazard is low to moderate in the western portions of the region and moderate to high in the eastern portions of the region. To see a complete list of fires across the province click on our interactive map. You can also get the latest update on the condition of any fire by clicking the fire icon.

Fire numbers and online information: Forest Fire Reporting Number – 310-FIRE (3473)

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