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GALLERY: Third Annual Moose Bowl

While Max the Moose Fest was happening around Dryden the Eagles alumni gathered for a friendly game of football knows as the Moose Bowl.

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Dryden High School athletes from across many years and sports gathered for a series of flag football games that brought smiles and memories onto Harry McMaster field. Coach Geoff Zilkans said the word was spread through social media and word of mouth around town and he hopes that the second Saturday in July will become a staple in the community.

“It’s the third edition and it’s just a collection of anyone that has played Eagles Athletics, it tends to be mostly football players but we’ve had people from other sports,” said Zilkans. “It’s just a great way to get together and intermingle through the generations.”

Zilkans said the farthest any of the athletes travelled was probably Myles Morris who last played in 1996 and now lives in northern British Columbia. Bruce Anderson got back on the field after coming home from school down in London. He says he still thinks about his days on the field in Dryden.

“It’s really nice seeing everybody again, everybody goes away to school and forgets how they used to play football and now they get to come back and hang out, it’s nice to see familiar faces,” said Anderson. “It’s nice to see all the guys I last played with and then there are guys I grew up watching in elementary school.”

Anderson added what many players felt, that it was great to see the coaches and players and get out one more time. “It means the world to me, coming back and being able to play, strapping on the cleats one more time after you know you’re done it’s just all those heyday memories, it’s a lot of fun.”

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