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Bird Droppings: More Life and Death

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Fat Cat was 18. She hadn’t come upstairs for about a month. Two Saturdays ago she came up to my room at day light and got on the bed. Half awake, I put my arms out so she could lay against them. She was still there when it was time to get up.

Cecily went downstairs first and yelled up that Fats had left a mouse tail at the bottom of the stairs. After I drove Cecily to work and went for coffee, I couldn’t find Fats when I got home. In her quiet place behind the downstairs bathtub she was…deceased. She was on medicine for heart failure and had lived longer than Bobbie expected, but seemed like she was doing well that morning.

The closest wolf pack has been very vocal the last few weeks, warning other packs to stay away from their pups, and scaring Koda. On the moonlit nights of the holiday weekend, they were training the pups to hunt fawns down by the creek.

I texted Roger that the pups were out and that they had gotten at least one fawn. He said that the wolves had been hunting calves hard for two weeks and hoped the cattle would get a break for a few days. Roger doesn’t know yet many calves they got. It makes sense that they would eat lots of beef before the time when the pups hunt with them as their hunts will be less successful. They don’t take pups near cows for fear that the cows will kill some of them.

The day after I talked to Roger, I woke up to a lot of cheeping and fee-being going on under the porch. There was nothing going on the evening before, but 4 baby Tree Swallows were out of the pink house and flying around in the porch. For some reason the male phoebe had a lot to say about it but he wasn’t chasing any of them. Later, I noticed one of the fledglings seemed to be stuck on top of the blue house. Maybe that’s why the others were flying around in the porch. It looks like they might have gotten five young flying in their first brood, a very good result.

After a while all of the swallows were gone. When the young fly, they take them to the bush and they don’t come to the house again. Two days later the adults were back at the pink house. I assume the female is laying eggs for their second brood.

Not Disneyland, I was looking at Iceland news and found a report that 7 tourists had died in 2018 up until May 31, when 3 died in one day. Another died on July 2 in a fall from a building in Reykjavik but I couldn’t find out if any died in June.

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