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Dryden Blooms brings colour

Dryden marks the start of summer with the sudden splash of colour attributed to the rows of flower baskets hanging from the poles on the highway portion of the City and the ground pots in the downtown area.

Known as Dryden Blooms, this initiative began in 2006 as part of Communities in Bloom driven by several dedicated volunteers.

In 2009, Dryden won the national Community in Blooms award in the 5000-8000 population category. Shortly thereafter, the Community in Blooms committee asked the City of Dryden and the Rotary Club of Dryden to partner together and continue the “Adopt a Planter” program.

Each year since, a growing number of businesses, service clubs and individuals are choosing to contribute $125.00 to adopt a planter. On June 11, Glenda Johnson’s crew began planting all the pots.

Armed with a flatbed of various flowers, each pot was planted to its precise recipe of Dracena, Bacopa, Lobelia, Scaevola, Wave Petunias, Calibrochia, and Geraniums. By the end of the next day all 50 of the ground pots were planted up and good to go.

The 33 hanging baskets are grown at Schmidt’s Greenhouses and stored there until ready for delivery. The baskets are planted with an assortment of classic Purple Wave and Pink Shades Shock Wave petunias.

Early bloomer

At this stage the flowers in their round-bottomed baskets are small enough to withstand being loaded on tires and still light enough so Glenda’s crew can deliver and hoist all the baskets on their hooks in a single day.

Garden Showcase returning to Dryden

Once up, the water truck needs to fill the reservoirs in the baskets right away, which explains why the water truck was needed on such a rainy day.

Each flower pot or hanging basket bears the name of the associated sponsor. In addition, each sponsor receives a window sticker indicating they are a proud sponsor of Dryden Blooms.

The Rotary Club of Dryden plays an important role in the Dryden Blooms partnership by canvassing for sponsors and ensuring participants are acknowledged and appreciated.

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