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Dryden Go-Getters 90 and 90+ Birthday Social

The 16th annual 90 and 90+ Birthday Social for members of the Dryden Go-Getters was held Saturday, 16th June 2018 at the Dryden Seniors Activity Centre, 84 St. Charles Street.

Mayor Greg Wilson meets with Irene McMaster (left) and Olive Moline (right).

This event, their most important of the year, was initiated by Louis Maltais sixteen years ago to recognize the club’s oldest members. In the organization there are 45 members, 36 women and 9 men, who have reached this age.

Observing their visit and camaraderie was a reward for all the volunteers who worked diligently to host this function. Twelve members born in 1928 were honoured at their 90th birthday this year with certificates from various levels of government.

The Honourable Bob Nault, representing the Government of Canada through his assistant presented certificates to the ninety-year old members. The Honourable Sarah Campbell, representing the Government of Ontario, also presented certificates to this same group. Mayor Greg Wilson represented the City of Dryden and presented certificates to the ninety-year-old members: Vivian Adair, Mabel Beck, Jack Beddome, Dorthy Bowes, Alice Brown, Pearl Croom, Don Felske, Sophie Mediwd, Rose Reany, Lorraine Shorrock, Clare Taft, and Shirley Wilson. Twenty-six members, all in their nineties and over 100, attended with families, guests, and fellow members of the Dryden Go-Getters.

Mayor Wilson presented the Dryden Go-Getters’ oldest members with floral arrangements and congratulations from the City of Dryden. Mrs. Dorothy Sherwood was born in September, 1917 and she will turn 101 this year. Owen Fenwick, born in 1918, celebrated his 100th birthday a few weeks ago but was unable to attend.


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