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Chief Murrell suggests changes to remuneration

Fire Chief Ryan Murrell brought forward a staff report to City Council on Monday to approve changes to Policy HR-FI-01 (Volunteer Firefighter Remuneration) and instruct staff to bring forward a by-law “to delete and replace it.”

Dryden Fire Chief Ryan Murrell presented his staff
report to council on Monday. Photo by Michael

Murrell’s report said that each year the Fire Chief develops a draft report for Council to review the remuneration policy applicable to the paid per call “Volunteer” Firefighter and “Volunteer” Officer staff.

The suggested changes to the existing agreement are a pay rate increases from $23.94 to $24.37, an increase of 1.75%, per hour for Firefighters and $27.53 to $28.02, an increase of 1.75%, per hour for Fire Officers.

Another suggested change is the removal of sections of the older agreement that identified differing rates of pay for differing tasks as well as linking the pay rate increases to the IBEW Local 1730 increases starting January 1, 2019.

The final suggested change is a switch to monthly pas periods from the one time per annum.

Councillor Roger Valley asked why it took to long to get this done the item was budgeted back in November to which  Murrell responded that he had been a few other focuses since then.

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He said they had negotiated with previous members of the fire service back in October which was brought to the former CAO but it needs to go through a by-law process and there had to be input, this is the third draft before council.

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“I do remember that conversation it was part of a larger negotiation that we thought would be sort of reasonable and sensible but it didn’t end up being that way,” said councillor Nick Beyak. So I understand your priorities of your time being placed on fire protection and service, thank you for getting this done.”

Murrell’s report also stated that there is no impact to the 2018 budget as increases were previously budgeted for. This change will be effective August 1, 2018.

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