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29th Annual Dryden Walleye Masters

A beautiful weekend on the Wabigoon Chain of Lakes lead to big fish, smiling faces and another successful TBayTel Dryden Walleye Masters.

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Father and son team Jeff and Blair Dingwall took home the top spot on Father’s Day after two strong days of fishing.  The pair walk away with $10,000 and a $20,000 AlumaCraft/Mercury boat package along with their title.

After finishing the first day with 17.18 pounds the Dingwalls secured their spot at the end of the boat parade on day two. Jack Hawkins and Jared Ternowski were in the hot seats for most of the parade; the pair finished in the eighth spot after day one but 16.76 pounds of walleye on day two was just enough to put them into the top spot dethroning Jay Samsal and Scott Dingwall. Hawkins and Ternowski would end up in the second spot after the Dingwall’s finished the boat parade and the day with another 15.70 pounds, 32.88 pounds total.

Kennedys claim Walleye Masters crown

“It was awesome, it was two great days of fishing, Father’s Day weekend and to win it all with my dad,” said Dingwall. “We’ve been at this for a long time and it’s really special to finally win it.  Him and I have probably fished together for the last 15 years and we’ve come close, we’ve got seconds, we’ve got other top tens but we’ve never been able to wrap it up so it feels really good.”

Ternowski said it was stressful being up on stage and the pair said they didn’t expect to go all the way to second place. Hawkins added with a laugh that they have come in first and the top ten before but this is their first time finishing in second.

2016 Dryden Walleye Masters – Repeat win for Dingwall/Samsal

The big fish of the tournament belonged to Stephen and Curtis Viherjoki weighing in at 12.06 pound.
The annual Father’s Day weekend tournament brought with it a lot of family connections and it was evident on the boat of Michael Cortens and his daughter Jane Kennedy during the parade with her three kids on board. Kennedy thanked her husband Andy for watching the little ones while she was out on the boat with her father.

“It wasn’t an easy weekend fishing wise we had to be very patient, I think that was the name of the game this weekend, patience,” said Kennedy. “But if you waited long enough the fish would come, weather was great and it was just so nice to spend Father’s Day weekend with my dad.”

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