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LETTER: Stop Sign Theft

It has come to the attention of the Mutrie (Waldhof) Local Roads Board that the STOP sign located on Cedar Point Road going north to the railway tracks was taken (stolen) again on Thursday, June 7th.

This has been the fifth (5) time that it has been removed and is a problem and a safety risk

. The STOP sign has been put there for safety reasons. It slows the traffic down going through the village up to the railroad tracks.

How would you feel about having people speeding through your village or neighbourhood with your family and children trying to enjoy the great outdoors? The incident has been reported to the OPP.

The removal of the STOP sign is criminal offence of theft under $5000.00 and if caught with possession of the STOP sign the charge is theft of property under $5000.00.

So please whoever doesn’t seem to like having a STOP sign at that spot PLEASE leave it where it belongs.

It was not put there to inconvenience you, it was put there to keep our children and pets safe in our small Hamlet.

Written by Laurie Huffman on behalf of the Local Roads Board and the residences of Waldhof.

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