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What’s brown and sticky?

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My cousin’s son Ronan is 6 now and a deep thinker, a scientist or philosopher.

I would never try the kid joke on him: “ What’s brown and sticky?” When we were getting ready to eat supper, I told him that I was going to eat Mary’s little lamb, someone’s little pony and Rudolph the reindeer when I was in Iceland.

He looked at me to see if I was serious, then said: “Hah! Bad day for Rudolph!”

At home, I don’t bother with meat since Cecily lives with me, so I planned to eat lots when on vacation. I joked with Cecily, Petra and the Toastmasters about whale meat, but never meant to eat any.

The billionaire that owns four Minke Whale killing ships seems like a real jerk and has two idled ones moored at the same pier that the whale watcher boats use. Icelanders have never eaten whale meat on a regular basis and most are against whale killing for export and for tourists to eat. I thought about trying the puffin meat either smoked (described as fishy bacon ) or fresh but it didn’t work out at the restaurants I went to.

The Hereford steak house only had smoked puffin with whale meat when I was there. I had someone’s little pony at the Hereford. It was described as foal tenderloin, but from the size it had to be from a two or three year old. Surprisingly, it was 500 Kroners ($5.00 Am.) less than the same meal with lamb or beef tenderloin. I asked for medium well done in case my stomach didn’t like horsemeat. The chef brought it to me and chatted for a bit.

They don’t like cooking meat well done, but it was perfect, tender and juicy. If you go to Iceland you should have horsemeat, they have a serious overpopulation of shaggy ponies. The Hereford was the third high-end restaurant that told me that reindeer was only available in the winter so I gave up on Rudolph.

I had a good lamb chop meal at a small cafe in Rekjanesbaer , away from any tourist attraction so it may have been priced more for Icelanders, it was 3200 Kroners ( 32.00 Am. ) where the lamb tenderloin at Hereford was 4950 K.

All prices in Iceland include the 11 % V.A.T. (Value Added Tax, like H.S.T.). Some of the hotels I stayed at had cold sliced lamb in the breakfast buffet, I think it’s better hot. The answer to the kid riddle? What’s brown and sticky? A stick!

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