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Local author returns home

It was an emotional homecoming this week at the Dryden Library for Vicky Meawasige Reed as the author stopped in on her first Canadian book tour.

Vicky Meawasige Reed, originally from Wabigoon, returned to the area to do a reading of her book at
the Dryden Public Library last week. Photo by Michael Christianson

‘Path of the Turquoise Warrior’ is a memoir of Reed’s life which begins in Wabigoon where she grew up, Dryden High School where she attended, and onto Wisconsin where she now calls home.

A few tears were shed during her presentation and reading and Reed considers it all a part of sharing your inner most thoughts and secrets.

“That’s the wonderful thing about organic readings you don’t know where the conversation is going to go and it just happened; I’m a very emotional person, a very real authentic,” said Reed.

“Coming home like I said, after four years of being away and every time that I leave here it’s like I put all the memories, all the sites, everything into a little box and I leave them in there because I know that going back to the U.S. they are going to be staying in that box and I won’t be able to see them until next time. Every time I come back I get closer and closer to Canada and those little memories start popping out and of course the love spills out too.”

That love often manifests in hugs and people sharing their own experiences and understanding, it’s that human connection that means the world to Reed. Reed brought along her family to the reading and she was delighted to see other familiar faces in the audience including friends and teachers.

“There was Gloria and John Warren and they lived in Wabigoon as I grew up and their daughter was a very good friend of mine,” said Reed.

“Just seeing them again after so many years, I think the last time I saw them I would have to say was when I was in high school and to still have that connection and that emotional attachment after so many years, you don’t normally have that. So it really meant a lot, and seeing Roy Napish being an elder of Eagle Lake he knew my dad and he had some personal words to say afterwards and it got me choked up again, it’s very special.”

Reed added that if you have a story to tell and you write it down you never know where it will take you.

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