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Open Roads hosts Math Carnival

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Math is all around you and everyone can do it. That was part of the message to students and parents alike at the Open Roads Math Carnival.

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Children of all ages took part in different booths, including probability, fractions, all of which were based on the Ontario curriculum.

Vice principal Teri Jackson said that it warms her heart to see parents brining their children to after school activities and to see them engaged. She says that math used to be about who was the quickest but now it’s about taking your time and processing the facts because everyone learns different.

“Sometimes math is a stigma and kids view it as negative and they say ‘I can’t do math’ well everyone can do math,” said Jackson. “This shows kids it’s at every level you can join in, it’s lots of fun and you can have fun with it; really that’s why we are doing it, and to engage our parents and engage our kids.”

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