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Dryden’s Carter fights in Muay-Thai Amateur World Games

Sarah Carter travelled to Cancun Mexico, not on holiday enjoying all-inclusive buffets, but representing Muaythai Canada’s team. She fought in the 75kg Elite class at the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur World Games from 10 to 20 May.  

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Sarah grew up in Dryden, excelling at every sport she participated in. After graduating with a degree in education she embarked on a teaching adventure in Dunstable England. While going to and from school she found a gym advertising Muaythai and thought she’d give it a go. 

So began her love affair with a sport every mother shudders at, but which she excels at and loves.  She trained at the Kang Raang Gym, training predominantly with men. She soon worked her magic on them and had them singing her happy birthday and finding their softer side. 

Sarah returned to Canada and now teaches in Winnipeg. Her Muaythai career continues at the Nak Muay gym training with ‘Dangerous’Dave Zuniga. 

Over the past two years she has an 11 and 2 record in the United States and Canada. The training is extremely challenging requiring strength, endurance and amazing dedication.

Sarah exhibits incredible self-discipline that is difficult to watch at times. She follows a strict diet balancing adequate energy for the demands of the sport while being able to maintain her weight. It means green smoothies, egg whites and cabbage soup.

At 5’10” this is very difficult to stick to and her fellow teachers have been known to comment on her hungriness.

Sarah has inspired her entire school, students and teachers alike.  The good wishes, books, and letters that her students have sent to Miss Carter are  inspirational. She teaches an ‘enrichment’ class at her school, the subject of course: Muaythai boxing. Her niece is already practicing.

Sarah has a huge following among her family and friends from Dryden to England.  She was honoured to carry the Canadian flag at the opening ceremonies.  While all the other fighters had their game faces on, Sarah was beaming, her smile lighting up the room, her pony tail dancing behind her.  Her dad has made the trip to watch her international debut (and make sure she doesn’t get hurt).

She was recently interviewed by CBC Indigenous as a Metis Muaythai fighter. She stated how much she loved the intensity of her training but most of all, the coaching of the younger kids, where she says you can learn so much yourself.

Sarah went to Cancun essentially an unknown. Unfortunately, due to a death in the family, her opponent wasn’t able to fight on May 16 so Sarah got a bye to the gold medal bout. On May 18 it was classic Canada vs Russia. 

Sarah went the full three rounds going down once but landing many kicks, her strength, as well as some punches, backing up the Russian the whole fight. After the decision her coach in Canada messaged “It was pretty even but the Russian edged it. That girl has been fighting for years and won world championships before. Next year Sarah will get gold.” 

He later told Sarah that after the first ten seconds he relaxed, knowing the Russian fighter couldn’t hurt her. 

Carter’s entire family were glued to the feeds from Cancun, from Mississauga to Cold Lake. It was all Sarah Carter during the medal ceremonies, her grin huge with a big wave to her dad in the stands. It doesn’t get much better than that.   

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