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Microchip Blitz: SCPN ‘paw-teners’ in partnership with Dryden Police Service Animal Control

Second Chance Pet Network is happy to announce a partnership with Dryden Police Service Animal Control in an effort to manage the feral cat population in Wilson Trailer Park.

In a recent press release, Dryden Police Animal Control highlighted the high volume of feral cats in the Wilson Trailer Park area, a number that seems to be growing rapidly.

In order to help distinguish between feral and family felines, residents of Wilson Trailer Park will soon be able to have their own cat’s microchipped by Second Chance Pet Network – FOR FREE.

That’s right. FREE. SCPN will provide the necessary equipment & volunteers and set up a station in Wilson Trailer Park. Residents will be invited to bring their family cats to SPCN’s pop-up station where they will be properly microchipped and Animal Control can record which family and address they belong to.

To manage the volume of feral cats, Second Change Pet Network and the Dryden Police Service Animal Control will continue to work together.

This collaboration will allow SPCN and Animal Control to assist residents in the management of the feral cat population and safeguard the identity of family pets. If deemed successful, SPCN and Animal Control will expand this opportunity to other Dryden areas.

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