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Into the Woods: Who knows what may be lurking?

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There are many reasons to go ‘Into the Woods’ and many creatures that lurk there we learned last week at the Dryden High School Drama Association’s production of the musical.

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The ambitious two act show ran for close to three hours with 27 musical numbers performed by a talented cast of 23 young thespians.

The challenging show was met head on by the young actors and their musical talents lent themselves well to the wide range of songs.

Director Ted Mitchell and music director Stephen Cortens did a superb job bringing the production together and the scenes on stage would not look as good without the hard work and dedication from those behind the scenes; Amy Maua and Riley Hill brought the characters to life with their costume design while Jeff and Shauntelle Pihulak added to the world with their specialty set design and art.

Many more people are to be thanked and congratulated on a show that will be remembered, perhaps by the songs stuck in your head, for a long time to come.

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