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By Chris Marchand

Theatre 17 staged a classic ‘who-dunnit’ on the stage at The Centre last week — an impressive effort in both scope and execution.

Its 20th production, Theatre 17’s ‘A Murder Is Announced: A Miss Marple Mystery’ based on a book by Agatha Christie, leans heavily on stage veterans Darlene Fuerst and Karen McDonald in its long, convoluted journey from start to finish.

Fuerst and her character (Letitia Blacklock) were an anchor for a talented cast and a bright and unassuming senior citizen Miss Marple (McDonald) to navigate the plot’s many feints and red herrings on the way to discovering the perpetrator of a murder that was announced in the local newspaper.

Newcomer Kelsey Fuerst (Julia Simmons) eemed like a seasoned veteran out there, drawing the audience’s suspicions in many directions while at work opposite Stephen Pritchard (Patrick Simmons).

Dayna DeBedenet offered plenty of comic relief as ‘Bunny’, right up until the moment her characters snuffs it on stage, the victim of some bad aspirin. Rachele Dupuis was also a highlight as Mitzi — the foreign housekeeper whose distrust of authority figures further complicates the plot.

Murray Cook did an admirable job as Inspector Craddock, laying out his logical framework while Miss Marple’s collaboration leads to a ruse to draw out the real villain.

Photos by Chris Marchand

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