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Life Skills Stations hope to spark memories at Princess Court

Princess Court unveiled a carpentry-themed Life Skills Station last week in Unit 3 — giving resident and former carpenter Larry Lichte first crack at it. Pictured from left are: Wendy Barton, Lori Russell, Bruce Taylor, Cindy Aaviku, Larry Lichte and Charlie Barton. Photo by Chris Marchand


By Chris Marchand

Princess Court Long-Term Care Home has unveiled the first of a series of ‘life-skills stations’ they hope will stimulate their residents and spark some recollections of their working lives.

The Unit 3 Activity Room is now home to a carpentry-themed station, a workbench with a variety of safe, familiar things to fiddle with and pass the time.

Psychogeriatric Resource Consultant Lori Russell of the Canadian Mental Health Association says boredom can be a big challenge facing residents in long-term care.

“We’re just encouraging them and offering opportunities to reminisce and relate to things that make sense to them in their past,” said Russell. “Keeping idle hands busy. We’re seeing less wandering into other people’s rooms which can trigger behaviours. We’re seeing residents being more engaged and involved in things that provide them with some purpose and meaning.”

The workbench is the first of several vignettes that Princess Court is hoping to put together. Future interactive displays will include an office space, a garden centre, a nursery and a laundry station.

The first life-skills station was assembled with help from Bruce Taylor at Home Hardware, who donated a lot of the materials for the workbench and donations from United Rentals. Charlie Barton constructed the station.

Russell hopes that the public will be interested in donating items that represent an older level of technology — things like rotary dial

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