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Max the Moose Fest organizers looking for more events for July 13-21 lineup

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.
Joan Navesky of Nexus Community Savings posts the Dryden’s Max The Moose Fest poster.

By Chris Marchand

Organizers for Dryden’s Max the Moose summer festival are hoping to create something greater than the sum of its parts with the help of community groups and volunteers this summer.

The local committee has a mission to bring together, map, market and promote community events hosted by Dryden and area clubs, businesses or groups from July 13-21. 

“Dryden really needs to have that fun spirit and sense of community,” said Max the Moose Fest’s Joy Auren. “Each organization will do their own thing and we basically lump it all together, do the marketing and call it Max the Moose Fest. That way people in the community can go from event to event, we can reconnect with one another.”

Auren says she hopes that if community groups or businesses have an event in mind, that they would consider staging it within the July 13-21 timeframe. Dryden’s Max the Moose Fest Committee is still receiving events and hoping to bring as much as possible under their umbrella.

Auren is also hoping to drum up some donations from businesses, groups or any individual who feel inclined.

“What I’d love to see is for us to be able to pay musicians,” said Auren. “To me, music just unites people and draws them together. It gives you a reason to go.”

Auren says it would be nice to offer something to the talented local musicians who commonly grace the stage during community music events, for whom a performance entails significantly more effort than walking on and off the stage. At this point, no live music events have been added to the Max the Moose Fest lineup.

Local restaurants and businesses are being challenged to get into the Max the Moose Fest spirit with decorations and moose-themed creations.

Auren says their future efforts to secure grant funding adds a few conditions to the kinds of events that can be included under the Festival umbrella.

“In September we’d like to apply for a FedNor grant and there are some parameters — for example you can’t charge admission to your event. Say you had a spaghetti dinner, you could charge for the meal, but people should be able to come to the event without restrictions at the door. Also, it can’t be a (solely) age of majority or restricted entry.”

If your group or business are interesting in hosting an event during Dryden Max The Moose Fest call Joy at 220-5822 or send an email to

Keep an eye out around town for Dryden’s Max The Moose Fest decals, a fundraising and awareness campaign over the next few months.

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