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Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.
Members of the Moody clan on stage at Saturday’s Kickin’ Country concert. From right: Colton McDonald, Scott Moody, Will Moody and Neil Moody. Photos by Chris Marchand

12th Annual Kickin’ Country concert
By Chris Marchand

Country music fans came out in droves, April 7, for the 12th annual Kickin’ Country concert — an annual selection of local musicians digging deep into their repertoires in support of the Dryden High School Music Association.

Tanya Bye and Gerry McArthur play a few tunes.

Kicking off the night were Mike and Kara Bange who were joined by Lorne Nelson and Joe McIvor on the drums for a country set that delved into the gospel tradition.

Those familiar with local Open Mics recognized the team of Gerry McArthur and Tanya Bye who took to the stage for a few songs.

Lorne Nelson and Kara Bange were part of the outfit that opened the show.

They were followed by an impromptu set from Rob Franklin. Franklin, who was set to play the drums with Blackjack, wouldn’t let the band’s late withdrawal from the show slow him down. He enlisted the show’s lighting technician Rick Smith on the drum kit and sound man Everett Rourke to play the bass for a trio of tunes.

The Moody clan, consisting of Neil, Scott, Will and Colton McDonald took the show in a bluegrass direction with some fiddle tunes and some old tyme country.

Rob Franklin (left) with Rick Smith on drums and Everett Rourke on bass.

After the break, former Rocky Horror Show mates Nate Puddicombe, Brittney Cook, Gail Arnold, Everett Rourke and Chris Marchand blasted through a six-song set that paid homage to new country and old country alike.

They were followed by the inimitable duo Louie Haukeness and Martiana Andrews whose haunting cowboy twang rang in the air.

Capping off the evening was a set from the Teflons, featuring Bruce Siciliano, Vince Kastrukoff, and Doug Jordens.

The Teflons: (from left) Bruce Siciliano, Vince Kastrukoff and Doug Jordens

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