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DAARN teams up with Quilters on project

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.
Dryden Area Anti-Racism Network and Sunset Country Quilters Guild members showcase the handmade welcome bags for new residents of the community. From left are: Leanne Bullock, Gail Tamblin-Hall, Dr. Patty Vann and Gerry Powell.
Photo by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

The Dryden Area Anti-Racism Network has teamed up with the Sunset Country Quilters Guild to make Dryden a little more welcoming for new comers.

The two groups have put together welcome bags filled with information and some supplies useful to new people and families in the community.

“Here’s how it started,” said Gail Tamblin-Hall. “I do work at Wal-Mart and quite often when I’m in there I would see people that I didn’t recognize as living in Dryden or from the local reserves so I knew they were coming from the north and of course more came so I thought ‘Dryden needs to have something that says welcome. Thanks for coming to our community, we’re glad you came.”

The project has given out many bags in the three years the project has been running but teaming up with the Quilters Guild has meant more bags can get into more hands.

“Gail had started this project and provided all the material and strapping and everything. These are welcome bags to the community and they needed more and more it seemed unreasonable for one person to make them,” said Gerry Powell. “Someone got the bright idea of calling Gerry and saying ‘could the Quilt Guild help out on this?’ We embraced it, we ran with it; so Gail dropped off a mountain of fabric, it took us no time at all to cut out about 80 bags.” 

The bags are filled with donations from local businesses that help newcomers know what services are available in Dryden.

“This is an example of how DAARN brings different groups in the community together to make Dryden a better and more welcoming place for all, and a safer place for all,” said Dr. Patty Vann.

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