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Children’s Delight presents ‘Jillian Jiggs’

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

Performers (from left) Ian Goff, Jemma Robinson and Christina Leonard of To Be Determined Theatre Company perform their production of ‘Jillian Jiggs’.  A combination of authour Phoebe Gilman best known stories in her Jillian Jiggs line of books for children.
The Dryden Children’s Delight Series has one more show in its 2017-18 season, welcoming Mexican/Caribbean music and dance troupe Cascada de Flores and their show ‘The Tree and the Donkey Who Loved To Sing’ — May 4, 6:30 p.m. at The Centre. Photo by Chris Marchand

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