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OPP Costing Committee looks past downtown police detachment

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

By Dryden Observer Staff

The minutes of a January meeting of the local committee exploring the costs associated with a switch to an Ontario Provincial Police model, further explored the city’s options after it was recently determined that the downtown police station could not be used under the OPP.

The committee’s efforts were delayed in December after it was determined that the King St. detachment of the Dryden Police Service (DPS) fell easily under the minimum one kilometre distance from a railway where dangerous goods are being transported, required of facilities hosting an OPP detachment.

An OPP costing analyst has told the city that the recently constructed OPP detachment on Hwy. 17 would be able to accommodate DPS members who would be folded into the ranks of the local OPP, though minor modifications to the detachment, like additional gun lockers, desks and storage sheds, would come at the city’s expense.

Also under discussion were water issues at the current OPP detachment and the potential cost of bringing municipal water and sewer services to the building.

In the near future, committee members plan to speak with representatives from other municipalities who have both switched to an OPP policing model, or have opted to retain their municipal police services.

The committee will also probe what kind of services, currently performed by the DPS, would be maintained by the OPP in the event they assume responsibility for policing — services like responding to 911 calls for medical attention, or community outreach programs like bus safety education.

One thought on “OPP Costing Committee looks past downtown police detachment

  1. The Atikokan Detachment is very close to the railway. It was constructed about 1963. The railway runs adjacent to town of the south side. No such rule them.

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