Update on Second Chance Shelter at Rotary luncheon

Second Chance Pet Network volunteer Cynthia Seitz offered Dryden Rotary Club an update on the local shelter last week.
Photo by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

Cynthia Seitz from the Second Chance Pet Network took the opportunity to speak with the Dryden Rotary Club last week about all the goings on at the shelter and with the organization.

The Rotary Club’s donation to Second Chance allowed them to build a chain-link fence to enclose dog runs, helping the animals to get outside more. 

“It was very important for our organization to thank them for their generous donation towards the purchase of materials to allow us to put up the chain link fencing for our dog runs,” said Seitz. “It’s also good for the Rotary organization to see what it is that Second Chance does and to continue to share our thanks and appreciation for all that they do for us and for Dryden too.”

The Second Chance Pet Network currently has 125 cats and around 10 dogs at the shelter with more being cared for and fostered at other locations.

Rescued animals have come to the shelter from all over northern Ontario and Manitoba and even as far as Nunavut. 

Seitz says that they always see an influx in kittens in the spring and reminds everyone of the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. 

The Second Chance Pet Network is made up of dedicated volunteers and they are always looking for more hands to help out with the animals.

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