DRHC at work on temporary fix for CT Scan unit

By Michael Christianson

The CT scanner at the hospital is currently not operational but a temporary solution is now being worked on.

Dryden Regional Health Centre Chief Executive Officer Wade Petranik says that while the ongoing fundraiser for a new unit continues, the old unit suffered damage before Christmas which left it unusable.

“We’ve actually got a portable unit here on site and we’re just kind of getting that set up and we have to go through all kinds of hoops and loops related to inspections and safety and software configurations and technical stuff,” said Petranik. “Hopefully within the next week or so we’ll be able to have service back.” 

He added that the temporary one is identical to the permanent one with some newer software which means staff will be familiar with how to use it.

As to what happened with the old machine Petranik admits he’s not a plumber but the issue with the scanner was due to water.

“There’s a water line that goes to an air handler that sits above the scanner and that provides immediate humidity control; the scanner needs humidity control because if it gets too dry you get too much static electricity and that impacts the operation of the unit,” said Petranik. “My understanding is there is some kind of backflow preventer valve on that system so the water can’t come back into the town system and somehow that valve plugged up and failed and then the water leaked out all over the scanner.”

He made clear that getting a CT scanner operational is a top priority as it has been an inconvenience for patients. 

Meanwhile the fundraising continues to get a new scanner at the DRHC.

“We’re still pounding the pavement for donations and looking for other interested people in giving to that,” said Petranik. “I think the foundation is still doing more presentations in the community.”

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