‘Bar Lady’ Szachury eyes expansion

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After paying off her student loans with her home-based business, local chocolatier Chelsea Szachury hopes to expand the reach of her line of natural chocolate bars. Photo by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

The Bar Lady from Dryden has a lot to look forward to this year, from expanding her line, to selling further and further from home, Chelsea Szachury is continuing her dream of selling natural chocolate. 

Szachury’s original goal was to pay off her student loans by selling her bars and after that milestone came and went she started to look at what else she could do with her products.

“I’m entering 2018 fully paid off of my student loans and ready for a large expansion, which is really exciting,” said Szachury. “My new product line will be released in March, so we are finalizing all of the production details. Essentially I’ve built several different types of nutritionally advantageous products. So I’m working on a line that’s a bit lower in sugar, even though right now I’m using a natural sugar in all my products. I’m also working on a bar that is still vegan but it’s also an energy protein bar and it’s fully natural. So I’m working on a couple different lines right now as well as my chocolate.”

Szachury says that in 2017 she sold over 42,000 bars and the past year brought new opportunities for The Bar Lady. Expanding the products to be sold in Manitoba and now Saskatchewan she has reached an even wider market of customers looking for a healthier alternative. 

“It’s really heartwarming how each province is so supportive of local food and so supportive of Canadian products, local entrepreneurs, so it’s been really good to expand and learn every province as I go and all the different tastes of Canadians,” said Szachury.

Through all the changes Szachury always remembers her roots in Dryden, she was back in northwestern Ontario for three weeks in December attending both the Winter Market and the Christmas Store that was put on by the Dryden District Chamber of Commerce. 

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