Hoshizaki House project progressing

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Hoshizaki House Executive Director Terri Fedorchuk updated Dryden Rotary Club on the ongoing construction project at the local womens shelter.
Photo by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

The new Hoshizaki House is coming together with a little help from the community.

Spokesperson Tom Wood and Executive Director Terri Fedorchuk presented to the Rotary Club last week to give an update on the facility.

Wood said that they were well received by the club and they appreciate any assistance from Rotary on the project.

“The walls are starting to go up, we’ve stopped breaking up rock and so it’s slowly starting to come together,” said Wood.

Fedorchuk says she is starting to pick out flooring and they are anxiously awaiting getting the keys to the new building.

“They’re looking at  Spring 2018 that they’ll hand it over to us, it will take some time for us to get it ready and whatnot but really the weather hasn’t been helpful but it’s on schedule as they suspected,” said Fedorchuk.

Speaking to Rotary is just one opportunity they have taken lately to inform the public about what they do and their plans moving forward.

“Hosizaki House is out and about in the community a lot more and I think that’s it’s paying off with people that are asking questions and really concerned about what we do,” said Fedorchuk. “People are seeing that this is a community project.” 

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