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Wabigoon water never looked so clear. Local resident Hans Ullman enters an ice igloo he recently constructed from blocks of lake ice sawn from the might Wabigoon and formed into a lovely spectacle on the shoreline of his lakefront home. The project will be a focal point for outdoor fun he plans to enjoy with family over the holiday. Photos by Chris Marchand

Hans Ullman dabbles in the art of ice building at lakefront home

By Chris Marchand

Learning to appreciate the beauty of ice can be one way to embrace the season here in Northwestern Ontario.

For local retiree Hans Ullman, who normally enjoys venturing out onto Wabigoon’s frozen expanses with his kite-ski rig, the ice wasn’t quite safe for a big adventure. Yet out in front of his Larson Bay home, there was an interesting project in the making.

Over five days or so Ullman chainsawed hundreds of blocks of clear ice from the lake, constructing an igloo-style structure on the shoreline which he hopes his grandkids will enjoy over the holidays.

“I’d always wanted to build one, but I’d never tried,” he said. “I wanted to build an igloo but they’re built different than this, it ended up being more like a beehive. We’ll play around at Christmas with the grandkids. The nice thing about it is that I won’t have to clean it up.”

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