OPP costing delayed

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By Michael Christianson

The city has put on hold an Ontario Provincial Police costing proposal that was unanimously passed last June.

CAO Ernie Remillard, who is also a member of the Police Costing Committee addresses council with the current realities of the costing findings.

The committee was informed that the OPP has confirmed that the city’s current building is not suitable to use for the OPP model.

“At the end of the day as detailed tonight the building has become an issue as the criteria is that you cannot be within one kilometer of train tracks carrying dangerous goods as well as other gas stations and fuel depots,” said Remillard. “The project is not done, it’s being delayed currently until we receive more information from the OPP as there is no sense wasting everyone’s time if the building is a major issue and again this building in its current state and location cannot be used for an OPP policing model so we need to get more information from the OPP they’re working on some alternative that we might be able to consider.”

1 comment on “OPP costing delayed

  1. Frank Wetelainen

    Why would we need 2 OPP building’s? We already have a new OPP building in Dryden. I don,t see 2 OPP buildings in Sioux Lookout. Always something. I can,t see the new OPP building being too small for Dryden


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