City entrance signs to be replaced

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By Michael Christianson

Council has approved a proposal to bring Dryden’s entrance signs into the 21st century.

Economic Development Manager Tyler Peacock brought the proposal forward to council stating the current signs are outdated and not generating revenue. The new signs would be full LED with opportunities not only for businesses and service clubs to advertise but also to pull in more people for special events and festivals. 

“I think that updating the signs are very important for the community,” said Peacock. “It shows the community is open for business and that we have a lot to offer passerby, travelers, even residence, it doesn’t matter we’re able to project a message to those people passing the signs that things are happening in our community.”

Peacock says that technology has changed and costs are down and that the new signs will be able to be programmed from anywhere with Internet access.

The initial cost of the project would be just over $91,000. CAO Ernie Remillard requested that council approve the use of the Land Sale Reserve earmarked for Economic Development at last week’s committee of the whole.

“This is really exciting. The entrance signs is one of those that I know has been a big issue for me for years and it’s one of those where we explained to council that we really need to start showing that we’re progressive. Those old signs have just seen their time and really we can’t do much more work to them, we’re wasting money on them now trying to fix them and repair them.”

Remillard says he was told to get this project up and running immediately with the hopes of signing up various business to advertise, he notes it’s a very affordable marketing opportunity for local businesses.

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