Little Mod Nest gets cozy on Earl Ave.

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Win This Space Contest winner Morgan Shepherd (right) is getting ready to move into a retail and production space at 26 Earl Ave. Photo submitted

By Michael Christianson 

The winner of the Dryden District Chamber of Commerce’s $12,000 Win This Space contest Morgan Shepherd is excited to move out of her kitchen and into her new space.

“It has been a crazy crazy time the last four weeks,” said Shepherd. “I’ve gone to insurance appointments, bank appointments, appointments with Lorna at the Chamber, I researched all different kind of fabrics that I want online, ordered a whole bunch of supplies, signed my lease and I have gotten in there and started to plan where I’m going to put my tables.”

Shepherd said she now has the keys for 26 Earl Avenue and said it felt surreal to be inside her own store for the first time.

The mother of three won over the judges last October with plans to expand her ‘Little Mod Nest’ line of organic and earth-friendly clothes for babies out of her home and into a boutique and production space.

Since then she has received calls to congratulate her, sometimes from people she doesn’t know, and the contest has helped to boost her brand name both at local craft shows as well as online.

She says two years of working at the kitchen table has led to her needing to expand. Every night at dinner she had to move her machines off the kitchen table and sometimes her kids would play with the buttons. Now she will be working at her new eight foot table that her grandpa built so she can have all her machines in one place which will minimize processing times and allow her to expand her line of clothes easier.

Keep an eye on the corner space in downtown Dryden to be open in the new year.

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