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FEATURE: Wild and Untamed Things — Rocky Horror Show a seven month journey for cast and crew of Theatre 17 production

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.
Main: David Huffman as Dr. Frank’N’Furter wonders ‘whatever happened to Fay Wray?’ during the second act of Theatre 17’s last of three performances of the Rocky Horror Show at The Centre, Nov. 4.  Photos by Michael Christianson

By Dryden Observer Staff

The narrator, played by Peter Marshall gets into the spirit.

Many many months of…toil from the cast and crew of Theatre 17’s production of the Rocky Horror Show came to life on the stage of The Centre Nov. 2-4 in a ribald and raucous musical extravaganza that was received with rave reviews from the townsfolk.

Richard O’Brien’s musical production, which attained cult status thanks the 1975 feature film is a throwback to campy science-fiction B-movies combined with running themes of sexual liberation and gender fluidity.  Far from the standard Theatre 17 fare.

Starring as the transvestite mad scientist Dr. Frank’N’Furter, local musician David Huffman anchored an enormous cast with his commanding voice and unrestrained performance, backed by a live band of local players that drove the production through over 20 famous musical numbers.

Nate Puddicombe and Jasmine Collin, as the virginal protagonists Brad and Janet, had plenty of time in the spotlight as they fell prey to the whims of a household of deviant alien transsexuals.

A monstrous two-storey set, combined with slick lighting and stage production, props, makeup, choreography and outrageous costuming revealed the depth of the effort from a group who used every second wisely in a seven-month march towards stage that began last April.

A fun-loving Saturday night crowd takes a jump to the right during a final reprise of Let’s Do the Time Warp Again, Nov. 4 at The Centre.

Saturday night’s final performance was audience participation night, drawing costumed fans out of the woodwork and creating a run on fishnet stockings all over town.

Director Ted Mitchell and Assistant Director Gail Arnold were nearly left speechless by the culmination of so many moving parts into something the cast and hopefully the community will remember for a long time.

“We truly are lucky to live in a community that values and supports the arts, and it has been great to feel that support over the past three nights, but also in the prep time that it took us to get to this point,” said Mitchell in a post on the Theatre 17 Facebook page. “Good art is often about creating something beautiful, changing a space for the better. I truly believe that’s what Rocky has been and am so glad that we’ve been able to do this together.”

The Rocky Horror Band. From left: Chris Marchand, Lloyd Napish, Rob Franklin and Tara Chasowy
Show goers getting into the spirit of the cult classic show.
From left: Jasmine Collin as Janet, Nate Puddicombe as Brad, David Huffman as Frank’N’Furter and Amy Maua as Magenta.
Josh Couto strikes a pose as Rocky.
Laura-Lee Pernsky as Riff Raff.
Catherine Kiewning and Sheila Wilson opened and closed the show.


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