Campbell cautiously optimistic of new Far North ridings

By Michael Christianson

With the formation of two new ridings in northern Ontario current MPP Sarah Campbell will see her riding of Kenora-Rainy River made smaller, reducing her constituents. 

Although many questions remain regarding how the parties will choose their new candidates, fund the new ridings and travel across the fast regions remain to be seen Campbell is pleased to see more voices at Queen’s Park talking about the region.

“There are definitely some positive aspects to it, it’s definitely a plus that we’re going to have greater representation for northerners and of northern interests. Having more voices in the legislature talking about northern issues is always something really positive. It’s also positive the government will be creating at least one riding with a majority of indigenous people but I also think there are some pretty significant missed opportunities,” said Campbell. “First and foremost there just wasn’t enough time for consultation; it was rammed through and it didn’t necessarily achieve the outcome that northerners were looking for.”

Campbell adds that many indigenous issues are in need of being raised and that the new ridings should bring more movement on those issues and more indigenous representation to legislature.  

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