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Pets and parking patrol

Animal Control and Bylaw Enforcement Officer Cody Fedorchuk. Photo by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

Last April, Cody Fedorchuk stepped into the role of Animal Control/Bylaw Enforcement Officer, since then he as been patrolling Dryden’s streets and responding to calls.

While Fedorchuk is mainly known for being the one to call for animal control he says it is the diversity of his job that he enjoys the most.

“I can go from doing parking one day to doing an animal complaint to helping out at the courthouse then riding around with the guys and helping out them so I mainly like the diverse aspect of it,” said Fedorchuk.

Every day is different and you don’t know what to expect; some days there are very few calls and some days everyone calls in at once.

Fedorchuk says that in Dryden the highest volume of animal related calls are dogs and cats at large as well as noisy animals. He says that he always uses caution when approaching dogs but for the most part they have been friendly to him.

He averaged around 10-15 calls a month in the summer and is wondering to see how those numbers will change in the winter months.

When he isn’t responding to calls about animals Fedorchuk monitors parking and other city bylaws.

Many animal bylaws including allowing your dog to run at large and allowing an animal to make noise that disturb the peace carry with them a $105 fine.

Pet owners are encouraged to spay or neuter their pets as Second Chance Pet Network is already dealing with an influx of cats from the area.


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