Dryden and District Agricultural Society 2017 Awards

Hugs all around for the 4H Beef Club at the DDAS Fall Fair. Photo by Chris Marchand

By Dryden Observer Staff

The Dryden and District Agricultural capped off a busy season with the annual awards night dinner, Oct. 14 at the Agricultural Centre.

Awards were presented to the following DDAS members:

Junior Baking Award

Searah Antoine

Horticultural Society Garden Competition

(Age 6-7) Hope MacGregor

(Age 8-9) Charlotte Griffiths

(Age 10-12) Jaiden Shorrock

(Age 13-16) Jessie Pettinger

High Points Age Group Exhibitors — 

Dr. Brian Lockyer Award

(Age <5) Alex Smit

(Age 6-7) Adyson Friesen

(Age 8-9) Max Smit

(Age 10-12) Carter Friesen

(Age 13-16) Jessie Pettinger

Junior Fair Runner Up

Carter Friesen

Junior Fair High Point

Jessie Pettinger

4H Special Awards

4H Senior High Point (Age 15-21)

Meagan Lovett

4H Junior High Point (Age 9-14)

Hudson Antoine

Beef Cattle Reserve Champion Female

Charlotte Griffiths

Beef Cattle Grand Champion Female

ELD Farm

Senior Showmanship

Teyanna Dyck

Horse Show Awards

High Point Children’s Award (Age<9)

Brylee Wigle and Hunter

High Point Junior Award (Age 10-12)

Keira Weiers and Zaven

High Point Youth Award (Age 13-16)

Isabelle Harvey and Star

High Point Young Adult (Age 17-19)

Kirstin Fenwick and Max

High Point Adult (Age 20-39)

Mandy Hutchison and Echo

High Point Senior (Age 40+)

Johanne Fenwick and Marvin

Runner-up Pleasure Horse and Rider

Laura Mutz and Whiskey

High Point Pleasure Horse and Rider

Molly Gallant and Harley

Runner-up Game Horse and Rider

Brylee Wigle and Hunter

High Point Game Horse and Rider

Keira Weiers and Zaven

High Point Horse and Rider

Johanne Fenwick and Marvin

Best Dressed, Driven and Mannered Draft Horse  — single or team

Jacques Gagnes with Nora and Nellie

Two-Horse Hitch

Stacy Danielson with Bud and Blue

Men’s Driving Competition

Jacques Gagne with Nora and Nellie

Ladies Driving Competition

Stacy Danielson with Bud and Blue

Nancy Trist Memorial (most point in draft horse comp.)

Jacques Gagne with Nora and Nellie

Poultry Award

Sophie Kriese

Top Bird in Show

Colton Mair

Best Pen of Poultry

Sophie Kriese

Special Awards

Most points in veg., fruit, flowers and specials

Jessie Pettinger

Most points in canning, baking and specials

Fran Blair

Most points from all handicraft classes and specials

Sandra Toews

Best Cereal Sheaf

Jaxon Shorrock

Stenberg Memorial Award —second highest number of point in all classes including specials.

Sandra Toews

The Edye Memorial Trophy — The highest award of the fair, most points during the fair in all classes including specials.

Jessie Pettinger

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