GALLERY: Lean On Me — Hundreds compete in Annual Turkey Trot Cross Country Race

Wearing wings and a tutu, Dryden High School Eagles Cross Country runner Josh Carruthers emerges from the woods like a strange angel of mercy as he offers some sportsmanlike assistance to a Kenora Beaver Brae Broncos runner who had rolled his ankle in the far reaches of the 5,000 metre course during the annual Turkey Trot Cross Country Run at Sandy Beach and Flatrock Parks, Friday, Oct. 6.           Photos by Chris Marchand

Open 5 km runners burst out onto the beach at Flatrock Park.

Turkey Trot Cross Country Meet, 2017 — Oct. 6 Sandy Beach Park
Top-10 Open 5 km

1. Mason Brown               M Dryden High                    20:08.00 

2. Gavan Wisneski            M Dryden High                    20:09.00 

3. Jimmy Bailey              M Queen Elizabeth                20:24.00 

4. Luke Turcott              M Dryden High                    20:31.00 

5. Nicolas Peters            M Dryden High                    20:37.00 

6. Amy Wickstrom            W Dryden High                    20:38.00 

7. Maddison Lambert     W Dryden High                    20:47.00 

8. Tanner Henderson    M Dryden High                    20:50.00 

9. Marlies Elliot            W Beaver Brae                    21:02.00

10. Beck Ashlyn               W Fort Francis High               21:29.00

Grade 4/5 boys on the homestretch of their 2,000 metre race.

Fall colours dazzle as runners in the Grade 7/8 girls 3,000 metre run start en masse from Sandy Beach Park, Friday Oct. 6. The annual Turkey Trot run attract 582 students in Grades 3-12 to Dryden for the event, which was held in ideal weather. For the first time, the event featured a mountain bike race.

Grade 4/5 girls 2,000 metre race.

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