Urban deer committee examines options

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By Dryden Observer Staff

Over the past number of years Dryden has experienced a large influx in the population of deer and Council requested that a Committee be created to make a recommendation on what to do about what many find to be a nuisance. 

The first meeting of the Deer Committee met recently consisting of four volunteer members from the public, as well as Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNRF) and Forests, Dryden Police Service (DPS) and Administration representation.

The members from the public voiced their concerns about the amount of money wasted when deer eat flowers and other vegetation. Safety issues were discussed with examples of not feeling comfortable with their grandchildren in the backyard after a deer jumped the fence and almost hit one of them a few months ago.

The OMNRF does not see any property within the City of Dryden limits that would be considered “safe” to have a community Hunt or that type of idea. The DPS would also have major safety concerns if anything of this nature were to be considered.

It was also brought to the Committee’s attention to not assume that everyone does not like the deer. The DPS and OMNRF stated they receive and talk to many individuals that really enjoy having the deer in the Community.

Committee Chair Ernie Remillard says they will be reaching out to the public more to hear the concerns of citizens.

“This committee is extremely open to understanding that there’s a lot more sides to it and we want to reach out to the public so stay tuned for a survey in the next couple weeks where we’ve asked the committee to ask a number of questions of the public as to the deer population,” said Remillard. “Is there real concerns? Is there safety concerns? And how does the majority of the public feel about it? And we’ll bring that information back to the committee to determine next steps.”

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