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Hockey lovers rally around DREAM project

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.
Instead of presents for his August birthday party, young Nate Bachynski asked his friends for donations to the DREAM arena renovation project. Nate and his friends were able to raise $300 which they recently presented to DREAM’s Marnie Oliphant.
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By Michael Christianson 

Pee Wee Division 3 on 3 winners The Puck Hogs.

The DREAM (Dryden Recreation Extension And Modification) Project is working hard to raise money for renovations and updates to the Dryden Memorial Arena and they recently received funding from two local events.

During the first weekend of September Shannon Hutchison helped organize a 3 on 3 hockey tournament at the arena. 

The event was a good chance for kids to get back on the ice after summer and get prepared for hockey tryouts.

“With having three boys all in love with hockey I was glad to be able to help in some way, helping DREAM reach their goals of their financial needs that they are looking for,” said Hutchison.  

Atom side 3 on 3 winners, The Dryden Danglers.

Nine teams competed in both Atom and Pewee divisions with ten players per team.

Hutchison says they raised over $5000 for the DREAM committee and they are looking at holding the event again next year. 

Meanwhile back in August Nate Bachynski had an idea; rather than have his friends bring presents to his birthday he had his friends bring cash donations that he would pass along to DREAM.

Nate’s mother Jen Bachynski says she has a discussion with her son about needs and wants and with him being another hockey lover he wanted to do something good for the arena. The birthday raised over $300 for DREAM.

“I feel very proud,” said Bachynski. “My husband and I aren’t from here and I think for him to know this is his hometown and to give back to the community is very important.”

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