Shelter waiving fees in hopes of finding new homes for cats

Just a few of the 140 resident cats at Second Chance Pet Network who are looking for a good home and ease overcrowding at the Wilson Rd. facitilty. Photo by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

The Second Chance Pet Network is waiving fees in an effort to reduce the number of cats currently housed at the shelter on Wilson Road.

Currently there are around 140 cats being house at the shelter and director Ann Owens says they want to see that number down closer to 100.

“We need space badly, calls are constant, not just daily they’re constant and the cold weather is going to come. We’re still getting lots of calls on kittens being outside, wild ones, tame ones, kittens found here and there, we need the space,” said Owens. “So, every cat that is one year and over with an approved application the fee is waived. These cats are all vaccinated, dewormed, spayed or neutered and microchipped, they just need love.”  

Owens adds that everyone should spay and neuter their pets and if they feel they can’t afford to Second Chance will help with costs, you just need to apply.

Currently Second Chance is running their cash draw to help raise money for the shelter. They are always looking for volunteers and donations and they also have a bin for recycling old electronics to help raise funds.

“The hard work out here is constant, we could always use volunteers if someone has extra time to come out here and help with the cleaning and the food and the water and the floors and grooming and socializing,” said Second Chance board member Silvia Scheibler. “There’s endless jobs we can get people to do so come on out and have a look at the cats we have out here and I’m sure you’ll fall in love, and there’s many of them that would be anxious to go home to a forever home.”

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