Dryden OMNRF West Fire Centre to receive millions in upgrades

By Michael Christianson

At the reopening of Thunder Bay’s forest fire management base Kathryn McGarry, Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry announced that Dryden’s base would be the next to receive upgrades.

“The construction will involve putting in one new building that will house our logistic folks for working on trailers and working on heavy equipment and working on electrical and welding. It will involve several out buildings such as gas and propane and cold storage and it will be a total renovation of the existing building with our warehouse and fire management headquarters,” said Response Operations Manager for the Northwest Region, Dave Cleaveley.

Construction is expected to take two and a half years and will be done in phases to maintain operations during construction.

The project is still in the tender process but it is expected to be the same size and scope as the upgrades to the Thunder Bay base, which cost $25 million.

Dryden Regional Airport Manager Norm Sanders says the project is much more than facelift and it means good things for Dryden.

“They’re going to be here for years to come, it’s a great thing for Dryden as a whole too, it’s awesome, all those people live and breath here so that’s fabulous for everyone,” said Sanders. “We will get some increased traffic because we’re northwest headquarters now and they’ll have a lot of permanent jobs here and it’s just a great thing for everybody involved.”

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