City’s fiscal reality and infrastructure deficit not unique, says Dryden CFO

By Michael Christianson

At the last Dryden City Council Meeting Treasurer Steven Landsdell-Roll presented the 2017 Q2 Financial Report.

Landsdell-Roll said that Dryden is on track to be on budget for the year. Expenditures were lower than budgeted for Q2 as was capital spending but the Treasurer highlighted that Q3 is when a significant amount of activity will take place.

Landsdell-Roll said that it is no surprise that Dryden’s debt is high but he said the reality is that Dryden is not unique in this regard.

“There are challenges; right now our fiscal reality is we’re not able to do a lot of things from an infrastructure or capital perspective. I just came back from Ottawa for AMO and Dryden is not unique, this is a provincial, this is actually a nationally, we could even say international because I know that in the United States they have infrastructure problems just like us. What it comes down to for us is we need more federal and provincial money; we need dedicated moneys for our infrastructure. Or a lot of things that have been downloaded to the municipalities, if those come off our plates and are uploaded back to the province that will free up a lot of money for us that we can then out forward to infrastructure needs.”

He added that the province needs to do more for the north so we get our fair share; he referenced the money the provincial government puts aside for things like public transit that Dryden, and other northern communities, do not benefit from.

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