BUSINESS: Mary’s Delights baking up something sweet for Dryden

Mary Dygos in her new bakery operation, next to The Diamond Restaurant in the former Chalet Inn. Photo by Michael Christianson

By Michael Christianson

Mary’s Delights is Dryden’s newest little bakery; having opened at the beginning of summer Mary Dygos has been busy feeding the sweet tooths in town.

The bakery offers many treats to choose from but perhaps the most appealing in these summer months has been the wide variety of ice cream flavours. Dygos can even make your favourite flavour into an ice cream cake.

The manager and namesake of Mary’s Delights is a self-taught baker with over eight years of experience. She cooked at home before becoming a part of the bakery that does custom orders including wedding and birthday cakes, breads, pastries and pies.

“I want to bring new items in and as the bakery gets well known I will continue to bring new items in as well as breads and such. I love to be able to do unique things that you don’t see anywhere else,” said Dygos. “Christmas is coming up, I like to be able to do all those Christmas cookies people remember from way back when, maybe make a fruit cake.”

Dygos says she does her best to keep her recipes local with flour from the Cloverbelt Food Co-op and other locally sources ingredients such as blueberries and rhubarb. 

Mary’s Delights is located next to the Diamond Restaurant at 184 Government Street. 

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