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Nikolas Thanh Van Ho – September 21, 2000 – July 22, 2017

In loving memory of our angel Nikolas Thanh Van Ho whom passed away on July 22nd, 2017 by way of a tragic car accident on Highway 502 Dryden.

Nikolas was born on September 21st, 2000 in Dryden, Ontario. He was almost 17.

Nikolas is survived by his Parents, sister Valerie(Brad Pereira), brother Nathan, sister Vianna, Grandmother Sa Nguyen of Dryden(Vietnam), Mamere Deborah(Gordon) of Thunder Bay, Grandfather Douglas(Margaret) of Thunder Bay, Aunt Hoa Nguyen(Thanh), Uncle Minh, Aunt Nga(Duc), Uncle Tam, Aunt Crystal, Aunt Holly(Steven), Aunt Alanna(Alex), Uncle Dougie, cousins: Victoria, Andy, Alexander, Cassandra, Kenny, Vivienne, Zima, Vika, Emry, Braelynn, along with numerous Great Uncles, Great Aunts, and extended cousins.

Nikolas was predeceased by his paternal Grandfather Van Ho and all 4 sets of his Great Grandparents.

Nikolas loved school and attended JK to Grade 8 at St Joseph’s School in the French Immersion Program. He also would have been going into his Grade 12 year this fall at Dryden Highschool. Nikolas was looking forward to Graduation in June of 2018 as well as attending University for 7 years to become a Dentist.

Nikolas worked part-time at Safeways in the Deli Department. He thoroughly enjoyed his job, co-workers and managers. He loved interacting with people and enjoyed working in the public service sector. He also worked at McDonalds prior to Safeways and enjoyed that job very much as well. He was grateful to both employers for the opportunities they gave him and the chance to learn new skills.

There is so much to say about Nikolas and we could write on forever as he was such a wonderful, kind, compassionate, caring person. From the day he was born until his death he brought great joy and love to everyone around him. Growing up he was a happy and healthy boy curious for life always asking questions. He would always find a way to brighten your day and had the most charismatic and amazing smile.

Nikolas was tough and strong on the outside, a rock for many and a protector, especially to his sisters and younger brother whom he loved so very much. Family was important to Nikolas and he had a strong sense of whom he was and took great pride in being multicultural.

On the inside he was a sweet, kind spirited young man. He would stop to help an injured animal, buy toys at Christmas for children that didn’t have much, initiate and organize clothing and sports equipment drives to donate, and give his last few dollars or buy a meal for someone in need.

Nikolas was a natural negotiator and peace keeper for his true friends and family especially not tolerating or accepting of any bullying as he would stand up for others and help to de-escalate situations peacefully.

Nikolas encouraged and empowered those around him and always had a way to see the positive in everything and everyone. He was also a healer bringing peace and positive energy to everyone around him. Nikolas showed the utmost respect to his elders and was a very sociable happy person.

Nikolas enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. He spent many hours growing up biking, scootering, playing road hockey, playing board games and shooting hoops. He went to many different sports and hockey schools over the years making memorable friendships wherever he went. Nikolas also loved to draw artwork and was very good at it. He also enjoyed reading books and playing video games with friends.

Nikolas loved all sports and was a natural athlete. He loved hockey, volleyball and soccer the most. He played on numerous sports teams over the years such as the AA PaperKings, NWO AAA, AAA Bulldogs, Minor hockey teams, Dynasty travelling volleyball team, Eagles Hockey, Eagles Volleyball, Eagles Soccer and so many more. He also enjoyed karate, basketball, badminton and working out at the gym. Nikolas was also a scholar and prided himself in academic success. He had many goals for himself including plans to attend the University of Manitoba to pursue a career in Dentistry which he was passionate about.

Nikolas was a firm believer in the now and carried around a quote with him that read “Your future is created by what you do today not tomorrow”. Nikolas would want all his friends and family to keep moving forward, carrying on with education, sports, life, most of all believing in yourselves and never giving up.

This community has shown such tremendous love and support for Nikolas. We are forever grateful to all of Nikolas’ coaches, teachers, principals, mentors and to all those whom played a part in Nikolas’ life. He was a better person because of all of you’s.

A Vigil for Nikolas was held on July 27th, and a Funeral Mass took place on July 28th, 2017 with cremation following. The Rite of Committal (Interment burial service) will take place at a later date to be determined.

Nikolas will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

Until we meet again Nikolas we will hold the cherished memories of you close. God has called you home and we are very grateful for the years we had with you. We love you Nikolas so very much ….always and forever.

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