Creative Cooking classes at the Mission

By Michael Christianson

Are you ready to put something new on your dinner table?

Starting September 13, The Dryden Mission will be offering Creative Cooking Classes to help families and individuals who are struggling to create healthy meals. Each week, students will receive two cooking lessons focusing on simple, healthy meal and snack options. The meals and snacks they create during the lessons will be taken home for themselves and their families. Classes will be offered 6 weeks at a time, and each set of classes can accommodate up to 6 students.

Alicia Saunders has been making changes to her family’s dinners thanks in part to the Cloverbelt Food Co-op and she feels others will benefit in cooking different meals. She says the aim is to create healthy and budget friendly meals.

“Learning how to incorporate a lot more vegetables into your diet and not being afraid of them; my kids used to hate vegetables and now they are definitely really enjoying them,” said Saunders. “I know a lot of people have a hard time eating vegetables and knowing what to do with them so they just get tossed in the garbage or wasted so we want to teach that. Even simple things like chili, everyone knows how to make chili but to learn how to not have it completely full of meat or different processed ingredients to learn how to use some fresh vegetables and different meats from the community in it.”

Registration can be done online any time at www. or you can attend The Dryden Mission on August 18 between 10-2 to get a preview of the meals that will be made. Deadline for registration is also August 18.

Saunders adds they are always accepting doantions to help out with the program whether it be supplies or volunteering to help with a class.

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