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Mayor asking for citizens help with deer issue

By Michael Christianson

Ever since Greg Wilson took over as the mayor of Dryden one complaint in town has stayed consistent, what to do about the deer in the city.

Recently the city of Dryden put out a request for citizens to apply to be on their Deer Ad Hoc Committee with the hope of finally dealing with the nuisance.

“I want to encourage citizens who have been very frustrated, and who have signed petitions in the past, maybe it was 20 years ago maybe it was two years ago, maybe it was last month, I’ve had three deer complaints in the last couple of weeks; I would really love to see the concerned citizens be willing to sit on a committee and become part of the solution,” said Wilson

Wilson says an underlying issue with deer in the city is that no one will claim jurisdiction so he hopes the committee will go over the bylaws, look to what other communities have done and bring forth a recommendation that will fix the problem. He added that Kenora and Thunder Bay have deer policies and that he had raised the issue at NOMA with other mayors and councilors.

The over abundance of deer can not only cause safety issues but the nuisance is one that likes to eat, a lot.

“People that call are frustrated because their gardens or their trees are being destroyed and citizens pay good money to buy trees or plant shrubs and spend a lot of time with their gardens and they have to build these big fences around them otherwise they won’t survive the deer and Dryden needs to have a policy and procedures in place to reasonable deal with those complaints,” said Wilson.

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