Ontario fire crews deployed to assist in B.C. fire effort

By Dryden Observer Staff

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is responding to a call for aid from British Columbia to assist with a worsening wildfire situation in Western Canada.

Ontario has received a request for approximately 140 staff members. The OMNRF deployed 105 FireRangers, one Incident Management Team and additional support staff on Tuesday, July 11.

As of Monday, over 10,000 B.C. residents have been evacuated from their homes in B.C. central interior towns such as 100 Mile House, Ashcroft, Princeton, Williams Lake and Cache Creek. The entire province has been experiencing a period of prolonged high temperatures.


There are eight active forest fires in the Northwest Region. Most are being observed and two are under control.

OMNRF officials are stressing that the public take great care with campfires to minimize the risks of inadvertently starting a forest fire. They suggest measures such as choosing a site close to water, building a fire on bare rock or non-combustible materials and keeping it small in size (no higher or wider than one metre), never leaving it unattended and extinguishing it fully upon your departure.

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