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Ice Dogs and city discuss preparations for major tournament in 2018

Chris Marchand

Chris Marchand served as editor of the Dryden Observer from August 2009 to April 2018.

By Michael Christianson

Ice Dogs President Mike Sveinson addressed council last week about what work is needed to be done to the Memorial Arena to prepare for the city to host the Dudley Hewitt Cup and to keep the arena viable. 

The list was made up of items Sveinson knew could be done before the tournament and others that he felt would need to be done eventually if they could not be done before the Dudley.

The list included looking at: new boards and glass, improvements to the penalty box and timekeeper area, new mesh above the glass, new mesh for hockey nets, work on the west area of the rink shop room, work on the dressing rooms including rubber flooring, an upper floor sound/media room is required for the tournament, repainting the ceiling beams above the ice, repairing the lobby ceiling, creating a new Dryden hockey history area and general housekeeping.

At the COW meeting Roger Valley was quick to address the repainting of the ceiling beams. Sveinson said the beams have been chipping paint, which can cause injury, and Valley saw this as a liability that needs to be addressed now.

Later in the week Sveinson met with mayor Greg Wilson, CAO Ernie Remillard and treasurer Steven Lansdell-Roll to discuss the needed repairs.

“Within that whole hockey organization there is neighbourliness that happens but I think where we need to work together at the community level is, the city, the Ice Dogs and the other user groups need to make sure they are communicating effectively because there are opportunities that we can leverage,” said Wilson.

Wilson went on to speak about his vision for a new 4-plex hockey facility in the city that would serve all of northern Ontario’s hockey needs.  He emphasized that any money used for repairs or a new arena will not be money taken away from infrastructure needs and that any endeavor would be looked at through federal funding which council approved a motion to apply for at their meeting on Monday.

The road to the Dudley Hewitt Cup in Dryden next May is rolling along quickly, bringing together groups and visions to make it a successful event in the city.

Sveinson said he is happy with the meetings he has had thus far and looks forward to making the Memorial Arena look its best.

“Relative to where the team was with the city four or five years ago it’s incredible the partnership that we have now,” said Sveinson. “The support that we got and their acknowledgement of the things we need to do to get our arena ready for the Dudley Hewitt Cup is exactly what we were hoping for.” 

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